about sales

When I sold our product in Kingston market, customers were very passive as the weather was cold and rained. I did our best for selling game. I enthusiastically explained them and maintained friendly relations with all customers. By making relationship and by seeing to customer face, we learn about the basic of sale is interactive … More about sales

about journey

I have been to Barcelona for the first time during Easter holidays. The weather was good and the city was beautiful. When it comes to Barcelona, people always talk about Gaudi who is the most famous architecture in this city. I took a Gaudi tour. It was very interesting and impressive for me. I saw some … More about journey

about design

Currently, design effects on all our lives from smart phone to dishes. In addition, there are a lot of aspects and perception of design. I think design should make people know intuitively something. One good design can solve their own problems, the other good design can just look good.  When I learned about start-up, I … More about design

Think about Uncertain

Recently, I have thought about the selection. Selecting something is likely to includes with advantages and disadvantages, unpredicted variable and a lot of un certain. Last Saturday, I went to the Tate Modern Museum. One exhibition in the Turbine hall attracted a lot of interest from me. The artist is Abraham Cruzvillegas and the name … More Think about Uncertain